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Electricity is an indispensable resource and vital to any country. However, with the increasing emphasis on environmental protection, energy conservation and emission reduction in the process of power production is also a very important issue, and the development and use of new energy has emerged as the times require.

Here we mainly talk about the advantages of wind power generation:
1: The carbon consumption of wind power generation is only 1% of that of thermal power generation
2: As one of the core subjects of renewable energy, wind power naturally has irreplaceable endowment advantages and scale advantages. Therefore, it is necessary to expand the consumption ratio of clean energy represented by wind power and build a new power system with new energy as the main body. , is the only way to achieve the "dual carbon" goal.
3. Wide application environment, can be placed in the sea, use the sea wind to generate electricity, without occupying green area
4. Wind power generation infrastructure has a short construction period and flexible installation.

Current status of wind power generation
European wind power accounts for 2/3 of the world, 1/5 in North America and 1/8 in Asia.
The non-fossil new energy industries such as wind energy and solar energy have now reached a moment that must be paid attention to. In particular, the instability of oil and natural gas prices in the Russian-Ukrainian war has accelerated the development of global wind energy and solar energy.