Medium Voltage Low Voltage Switchgear

The main function of the switchgear is to open, close, control, and protect electrical equipment in the process of power generation, transmission, distribution, and power conversion in the power system.

ZTelec Group produces medium voltage switchgear including 35kV series, 20kV series, 10kV series, and 6.6kV series switchgear, and rings the main unit.

The components in the switch cabinet are mainly composed of circuit breakers, isolating switches, load switches, operating mechanisms, transformers, and various protection devices.

Our electrical switchgear model includes KYN series alternating-current metal-clad and metal-enclosed withdrawable switchgear, HXGN service AC metal-enclosed ring main unit switchgear, SF6 gas-insulated switchgear;

Low-voltage switchgear models include GCS withdrawable switchgear, GCK, GGD, MNS, and CGD.



Switchgear features

Product features

> Small size and compact structure

> The profiles are spliced with advanced technology at home and abroad

> The overall structure is firm, safe and reliable.

> SF6 inflatable switchgear is flexible in operation and reliable in interlocking

> The cable room has ample space and can connect multiple cables



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Product Design

Use Environment And Application

Use Environment And Application

  • Altitude: ≤1000m;
  • Ambient temperature: -25℃~+40℃;
  • Seismic intensity: 8.
  • Relative air humidity: the daily average ≤ 95%, the monthly average ≤ 90%.
  • ZTelec Group Air condition:no serious pollution,such as dust, smoke, corrosives...
  • ZTelec Group Special requirements:We can provided professional design...



suitable for power distribution systems in factories, high-rise buildings, residential areas, etc., ring main unit power supply or dual power radiation power supply system

Why choose ztelec Group ?

  • Professional technicians provide one-to-one follow-up guidance and answer questions in a timely manner..
  • The switch cabinet conforms to the international IEC standard.
  • Switchgear manufacturer with favorable price and short lead time.
  • Professional customization service for switchgear, providing drawings to meet diverse needs
Why choose ztelec Group

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