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Transformer core

All kinds of iron core products produced by our company have excellent performance, with low loss, low noise, low no-load current, high mechanical strength, strong short-circuit resistance, small partial discharge, good insulation performance, good thermal stability, accurate size, With the advantages of small burr, excellent process coefficient and beautiful appearance, we can provide various iron core solutions of 35kV and below voltage levels according to customer needs.






Technology and Benefits

We are a professional transformer core manufacturer

We are producing a full range of cores and providing various customization services, including size customization, nameplate customization, logo customization, etc.

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1.Distribution transformer laminations three phase core

Distribution transformer
laminations three phase core


  • Silicon steel sheets are processed by advanced intelligent production lines, with high processing precision, small burrs and high efficiency.
  • The clamps are made of high-strength steel, and different materials can be provided according to the needs of customers. After CNC bending, it has the advantages of high mechanical strength, accurate size positioning, and smooth.
  • The iron core column and the lower yoke are brushed with glue, dipped in paint and other processes to strengthen the mechanical properties of the iron core, and the materials are environmentally friendly, safe and free of irritating odors.
Amorphous Distribution Transformer Core

Three-dimensional wound
iron core


  • Compact structure and small footprint.
  • Three-phrase balance of iron core, no third harmonic.
  • No-load loss and no-load current are greatly reduced, and the energy saving effect is remarkable.
  • Continuous seamless wound core,and low noise level.
  • Strong resistance to sudden short circuit.
  • Strong overload capacity.
Three-dimensional wound iron core

Amorphous Distribution
Transformer Core


  • Compared with silicon steel sheet transformers of the same capacity and voltage level, the no-load loss is reduced by 70%-80%, the no-load current is reduced by about 75%, and the energy saving effect is obvious.
  • Amorphous alloy transformers are small and lightweight, reducing direct material costs.
  • Simple and fast assembly of the body, great improve production capacity.
  • Low noise.

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